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The CHW Network committees will serve as the vehicle to advance the sustainability of the CHW workforce. The committees  below have been chosen by CHWs in Wisconsin as priorities to focus the work and ownership of the network by and for CHWs. These committees are open to all, whether you are interested in getting involved as a member, a leadership position or just want to learn more and connect with CHWs around the state. 

Advocacy Committee

  1. Create a media (earned and unearned) campaign; create tools and strategies to build awareness and support, including TV, radio, communication plans, galvanizing and other activities

  2. Foster an appreciation for the role CHWs play in increasing access to health care coverage, community support resources, improving the quality and cost effectiveness of care and social support, enhancing health outcomes and increasing the diversity of the clinical and community health workforce.

  3.   Create consistent use of titles and CHW language &  Provide education for broader community.

Community Clinical Linkages Committee

  1. Identify models of workforce development and job creation that involves integrating CHW’s into a variety of settings, clinical and social, as part of the care-based team

  2.  Provide education and guidance for CHW’s employment sites (both healthcare institutions and community-based organizations) by sharing integration models, offering CHW Supervisor training, and support. 

  3. Coordinate career path development-multi sector group, Provide CHW MentoringEducating community-supervisors/clinical leadership and Internal policy practices and accountability

Research and Evaluation Committee

  1. Collaborate with local, regional  & nationwide partners to Establish rigorous research and evaluation protocols to capture the level of impact and outcomes of the CHW work in both clinical and community settings
  2. Collaborate with local, regional & nationwide partners to Research CHWs in addressing health disparities, cost effectiveness, characteristics of training, and enhancing health equity.
CHW Legislation and Sustainable Financing Committee

1. Explore legislation that broadens, facilitates and supports payment of CHW services (local, national and credentialing)

2. Explore models of payment for service (e.i. community benefits)

3. Build a local (Wisconsin) report summary

Conference Planning Committee

  1. Supports the planning of the annual CHW conference and/or summit and engage stakeholders, partners and foster statewide collaboration
  2.   Research and apply for conference funding

CHW Curriculum and Training Committee

1. Identify competency-based curriculum model that includes assessment, training and evaluation

2. Provide peer learning and resource sharing space for CHWs connect 

3. Advance professional development (e.i. continuing education, personal growth, scholarship opportunities to support CHW training and leadership development 

4. Consider credentialing options that make CHW services eligible for reimbursement 

5. Provide opportunities for training across the state. Maintain a clearing house of CHW training

6. Create specialized training opportunities for CHWs- leadership development, continuing education (CEU's based) and internships

Co-chair application

Are you a CHW interested in serving in a leadership role as a committee co-chair? We have 1 opening in the Community Clinical Connections and 1 opening in the Curriculum and Training Committee. This is a great opportunity to further your leadership skills and become involved in efforts to support the sustainability of CHWs in Wisconsin.

Email us if you have any questions at 

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